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Yes, there are quite a few critique/ promo blogs floating around on Tumblr, but you can never have too many opinions! Not to mention the fact that everyone likes to have a place to show off the hard work that they put into their rp. We'll give our honest feedback on any rp you ask us to review, and we'll even throw in some suggestions that we think might help.

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For the past few days, we’ve been contemplating what we should do with this account. This rpc account has been our baby and we’ve enjoyed learning and growing through it. We’ve met some amazing people on this side of things that we might have never come across in our own role playing journeys. Our original goal was to lend a hand to the role playing world on Tumblr but we both came to love working on this blog and the various reviews and requests that came with it. Of course, it didn’t hurt that we both love our mascot. I personally find Ellen to be one adorable lady.

Lately we’ve begun to feel disconnected from the rpc/ rph world. It’s not that there aren’t some amazing people out there giving great advice and creating amazing things, but we personally feel out of sorts when we log into this account. Our requests have backed up because we no longer feel driven to complete them. On top of that, we’ve become a little disappointed with some of the things that we’ve seen in the rp world. For every creative roleplay with a promising story line, there are five hastily thrown together ones with little to no thought put into them. This world has become more focused on graphics and pretty themes and less on the most important aspect of text based role playing, the writing.

Yes, we’re guilty of critiquing themes and bio pictures, but we never lost sight of the written part of role play. It’s so frustrating to see that a perfect plot with amazing characters is easily overlooked while half baked ideas receive praise because the page is pretty. I have a feeling that this is only going to get worse as time goes on, but I sincerely hope that I am wrong. 

All of that being said, we are not going to walk away with negative feelings. We both loved our time on this blog and we hope that someday we can return to continue helping in whatever ways we can. Until then, we say goodbye and wish everyone luck in their future role playing endeavors. 

-Em and Sukaina

Let’s Use Our Common Sense, People

Hello there. This is Em, and I’m very irritated at the moment and I don’t feel like using a read more, so either scroll past if you don’t want to read this or strap in for a little post explaining our rules and how you can follow them. 

We have recently implemented a to do list system for all of our reviews. If you look in our sidebar, you will find links directing you to the posts that explain how this system works and to our current to do list. I’ve checked the links; they work. So, there is no reason that anybody should be requesting anything for the sections that do not have empty spots. 

To those of you who have decided that you don’t need to read the rules on requesting, your requests have been deleted. If you want to know if your request made it through in time to be added, check the to do list. It has been updated with everything that we are working on at the moment. 

If your request didn’t make the cut, come back later when spots have opened up and request again. Simple as that.

Now that that’s out of the way, there’s another thing that I’d like to talk about.

Yes, we are here to help. That’s why we set up this blog, to help people in the roleplaying community. While we enjoy performing our various services and answering questions, we do not have time to perform a search that you can easily do yourself.

It’s great that you want to roleplay a certain character from that one fandom but only if these characters are taken and only if set in this type of world. Fantastic! You should definitely do that. I am not going to go find that rp for you. Especially if there are tons of rps out there for you to choose from. Search the tags. 

The same goes for gif hunts. If I search the tags and find 8 gif hunts for the actor/ actress that you’ve requested, I’m not doing the gif hunt. Why should I waste time doing something that you can easily do yourself when I can do something for someone else who genuinely could use my help?

Be considerate, folks. Read the rules. Do these things and we can all get along just wonderfully. 

Happy roleplaying,


"Hiii! -waves- I was wondering if you could let your followers know that this is a brand new Scream roleplaying collective? We accept characters from all of the movies, alive and dead. Our wish is to create a family of writers who will support one another. At the moment, the only taken character is Tatum. We do canon, AU, and prologue storylines. We're not accepting originals until we get at good amount of canons."

Check this out if you’re looking for an rp like this. :)


Crystal Reed and Robert Downey Jr. (2) for ms-stark-here


Crystal Reed and Robert Downey Jr. (2) for ms-stark-here


Crystal Reed and Robert Downey Jr. for ms-stark-here


Crystal Reed and Robert Downey Jr. for ms-stark-here

Writing smut; A guide


Disclaimer: This guide is for mature audiences only. Please be aware this is my own methods of writing, and is by no means, the only way to do so.

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Parallel Review

Click here for the rp

Name and first impression: I can’t tell what this roleplay will be about by the url alone. I would want to check it out to find out if I scrolled past the name. 4/5

Theme and ease of navigation: The way that the tags are listed under the posts makes the page look very cluttered. Perhaps make the sidebar a little darker so the page isn’t so hard on the eyes. Navigation is easy to use. 3/5

Plot: The plot reminds me of many of the asylum/ prison type rps that I’ve seen floating around. Because your plot relies so heavily on the characters and how they interact, I would suggest having events planned to keep players engaged in the story. A fun twist never hurts and you have plenty of room to play around and find something that will set your rp apart from others like it. 3/5


Characters: The bios are well written and though they’re short, they give just enough information to draw potential players to the characters they describe. 5/5


FCs: You have some interesting FCs that I don’t see used often. Everyone looks believable for the ages that they are meant to play. 5/5


Overall: 20/25

This rp looks very interesting and the characters bring some fun dynamics to the story. As long as the players stay involved, I could see this being very successful. 

We Built This City/We’re Not Gonna Take It-Rock Of Ages

I can’t not listen to this. It makes me want to write and get stuff done. Also, Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta-Jones in one song? Holy sexy.

Anonymous asked:
"Catherine Zeta-Jones gif hunt?"

Posted. :) 

Gif Hunt- Catherine Zeta-Jones

GIF count is 31. None of these are mine- if you own any of these GIFs and you want credit then please let me know and I’ll credit you. This GIF hunt is made for RPG purposes. Please like if you take. 

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